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Related article: The number before us carries the work as far as Fencing. The long and valuable article upon Dogs, by Messrs. Rawdon, Lee, and Fred Gresham is concluded, and is followed by a valuable article upon Driving, from the pen of that eminent authority, Mr. W. C. A. Blew. Mr. F. C Selous writes of the Elephant, and we suppose that no one is better qualified to speak of the African Elephant than he. Duck - shooting and grouse- hawking are both favoured with good full-page engravings, and " The Encyclopaedia of Sport " promises to be a standard work. "The Paper Boat "+ carries a cargo of six stories, all but one of which have appeared in print before, most of them in the columns of the Yachtsman. The stories are interesting, and will be good light reading ior those that go down to the sea in ships, or sit upon the sands. The author is evidently well versed in matters nautical, and his local knowledge of the Solent and the South-west Coast is apparently a very exact one. ** The Voyage of the Florette," which is the only new story in the book, is also the longest. We have no doubt that this little work by Palinurus will help many a holiday-maker to while away the happy idle hours. • " The Encyclopaxlia of Sport." London : Buy Medroxyprogesterone Lawovncc & Bullen. t ''The Order Medroxyprogesterone Paper Boat," bv Palinurus. Published by James Bowaen, 10, Henrietta Street, Govern Garden. Price 3*. 6d. 236 [SSFTEMBSR "Our Van." Some Past Raolng.— How long ago is it since the Van Driver sang *Buy Medroxyprogesterone Online was that people did not respond to his invitation. True, Saltburn was a very quiet place, and is so still. Dull, the young people called it, and we cannot deny the accusa- tion. But Saltburn had capa- bilities, and if they had been made use of and worked in the right way it would not be the dull, sleepy place it is now. Nature had made it beautiful, and the only thing required was man to assist in its development. And man was ready. The early pro- prietors of Saltburn must have been men of taste, for they found a glen ready made to their hands, which they converted into a charming and most unique gar- den. The two sides of the glen are now united by a bridge, the gift of Mr. Wharton, of Skelton Castle, once the hearthstone of the Bruces, or to give them their Norman origin, Brus. Whether the great Darlington firm of the Peases was opposed to frivolity, or whether Mr. Pease thought that with the gardens he had done enough, and did not attempt to stem the tide of dulness which set in as soon as Saltburn-by-the-Sea was added to the list of watering places on the Yorkshire coast, within the last few years, and perhaps owing to the V.D. saying so much about it within the ** green covers," it dawned upon racing men of Purchase Medroxyprogesterone Online all classes and degrees that it would not be a bad resting-place for Redcar (then entering into a new existence under the fostering care of Lord Londonderry. Lord Zet- land, Mr. James Lowther, Mr. Robert Vyner, and other northern sportsmen) and Stockton, the latter a wonderfully improved meeting under the excellent admin- istration of Mr. Hornby, backed up by the Marquis and Mar- chioness of Londonderry, near neighbours of Stockton, Mr. James Lowther, and others. Lord Londonderry and Mr. Low- ther are ,the two hosts of Stock- ton and Redcar, from whose hospitable boards no one turns empty away. But it is sad to think that the natural beauties of Saltburn did not attract, and that racing did. However, it is an ill wind that does not do some good, so racing men cling to Salt- burn. We hear that the Zetland hotel passes into the hands of the railway company with the close of the year, and that Mr. Verini will not be there next year. Well, we shall much miss our landlord, for we have always found him most courteous and obliging, and consider that the railway company will have a difficulty in replacing him. Bedoar Races. — The course naturally suffered from the hard ground and, though we had rain on the second day, the mis- chief had been done, and the rain was too late as a remedy. In other respects the sport was ex- cellent, and the company on the Stewards' Stand comprised the elite of Yorkshire and Durham, not to mention a strong London contingent, among which was the V.D., who has never failed Salt- burn for the last twenty years. There was a good arrival list, and only the Jenny Howlet colt was sent back to Malton directly his trainer felt the ground, so the great race looked more like a certainty for Silver Fox than ever. One of the principal races 1897.] 'OUR VAN. 237 Purchase Medroxyprogesterone of the first day gave an oppor- tunity to Bittern of showing what sort of a horse he is. He was fractious Order Medroxyprogesterone Online at the post, but with 9 St. 8 lb. got well away, and, after going about a quarter of a mile, went to the front, and, with a clear lead, won in a hand canter by three lengths. Oswestry, who came all the way from Berkshire, won the Redcar Handicap, Son- o'-Mine, running as he always does ; and we looked in vain for Mr. Tidy to congratulate him on his journey to the north, but we could not find him, and York- mint's win in the Kirklatham i^iennial seemed to give him a chance in the big three-year-old race on the morrow. But those in the know were aware that Silver Fox was short of work, and, moreover, had not emptied his manger since he had been here. He had to give 20 lbs. to Unseen, therefore, though he only won by a short head, it was a fine performance considering the con- dition that Silver Fox was in. St. Leger. — We are within three weeks or thereabouts of Doncaster, and there has not been a bet on the Leger, so that is Buy Cheap Medroxyprogesterone equal to a one-horse combination. The poor bookies have got no work to do- 00-00, so We cannot lose our money, which in the eyes of the young generation is a sad drawback. In fact, we believe that the next pleasure to